A new kind of accelerator
for blockchain adoption.

We value building a healthy Blockchain ecosystem over profiting from startups to maximize
collective benefits. That’s why we “Accelerate first, Invest later.”

Imagine a world powered by transparency, safety, and pure raw innovation – all enabled by blockchain applications that decentralize the system and enable breakthroughs. We believe in investing in and giving the world stage to outliers who are bold enough to rewrite our future.

Application (by 01/31/2019)
Selection (10-15 teams)
Kickoff Bootcamp (3/2-3 at GIX in Seattle)
Acceleration (6 months)
#Outliers NEXT (9/22 at MIT in Boston)

6 Months of
Growth Journey

We systemize the growth path of blockchain startups - from hiring talents, conducting technical reviews, fundraising, and scaling the business to providing weekly tailor-made guidance.

You’ll be part of a global community with whom you can trust and grow together.


Blockchain is a jungle full of unknowns. We seek to shed light on it by uncovering insights and knowledge.

We partner with top-notch research institutes to establish a database to customize data-proven growth strategies and provide market and technology insights.

A Global Network of

Connect and engage with a number of mentors and partners worldwide. We provide a professional network for you to develop meaningful connections and create synergistic collaborations.