A new kind of accelerator
for blockchain adoption.

We value building a healthy Blockchain ecosystem over profiting from startups to maximize
collective benefits. That’s why we “Accelerate first, Invest later.”

Imagine a world powered by transparency, safety, and pure raw innovation – all enabled by blockchain applications that decentralize the system and enable breakthroughs. We believe in investing in and giving the world stage to outliers who are bold enough to rewrite our future.

Application (by 01/31/2019)
Selection (10-15 teams)
Kickoff Bootcamp (3/2-3 in Seattle)
Acceleration (100 days)
#Outliers NEXT (6/15 in San Francisco)

100 Days of
Growth Journey

We systemize the growth path of blockchain startups - from hiring talents, conducting technical reviews, fundraising, and scaling the business to providing weekly tailor-made guidance.

You’ll be part of a global community with whom you can trust and grow together.


Blockchain is a jungle full of unknowns. We seek to shed light on it by uncovering insights and knowledge.

We partner with top-notch research institutes to establish a database to customize data-proven growth strategies and provide market and technology insights.

A Global Network of

Connect and engage with a number of mentors and partners worldwide. We provide a professional network for you to develop meaningful connections and create synergistic collaborations.

Introducing #Outliers NEXT

Compete to become the NEXT big thing

Forget about Demo day - the pitches, the examinations and the excruciation.
They’re obsolete compared to #Outliers NEXT.

You may want to know

  • 1. I know #Outliers won’t acquire shares from my company, but does it mean we won’t have any sort of investment relationship? +

    We assure #Outliers, the accelerator in itself, will never exchange monetary funds for shares with any startup from our portfolio. On the other hand, #Outliers Fund, an independent investment fund of #Outliers, will. You will be approached after completing the program by our funding team to explore investment opportunities.

  • 2. Are there any obligations after being selected into the #Outliers’s batch? +

    All selected teams are expected to work with #Outliers for 100 days via:
    (1) Attending regular coaching calls with the #Outliers team;
    (2) Matching with mentors and attending regular mentoring sessions;
    (3) Playing an active role in the community by sharing experiences with peers;
    (4) Attending TWO main physical events: Bootcamp and #Outliers NEXT (demo day)
    (5) Helping #Outliers improve through constructive feedback during/after the program
    (6) Support #Outliers’ branding and content marketing by supplementing company information and thought leadership.

  • 3. What’s the end goal of the program? +

    Although practical goals vary from company to company, we hope to see our portfolio companies obtain tangible results in customer acquisition, fundraising and market valuation – the most important bits!

  • 4. What qualities are you looking for in your startups? +

    We are looking for startups in blockchain or new technologies of all sorts. The sky is the limit! We value, above all, startups with constructive team dynamics, feasible ­ideas, technology capability, strong commitment to their vision, growth potential and last but not least “Outlierness”. These qualities are reflected in the life trajectory of founder(s), track records, product roadmap, business plan and execution.

  • 5. Can you explain more about “Outlierness”? +

    Of course! “Searching for and helping outliers” is the core philosophy of our business. We wholeheartedly believe in those who embrace their difference and persist in their quest to be more in life. While every person demonstrates this quality in diverse ways, we usually see vigorous faith, exceptional leadership and a dash of craziness in an “Outlier”.

  • 6. Can you specify the main areas of coaching? +

    Our coaching covers main pillars crucial for running and growing a successful business: Business model, Product development, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Human resources.

  • 7. Will the #Outliers Accelerator tell me what to do? +

    Absolutely not. We’re not here to spoonfeed you but to empower you. The community of #Outliers exists to share experiences, resources and valuable insights. You will still be the final decision maker in steering your business.

  • 8. Does it cost money to participate in the #Outliers Accelerator Program? +

    To support you, we aim to provide the program for free. However, since a degree of commitment from all selected teams is expected, a deposit will be charged once you are enrolled. The deposit will be returned in full at the end of the program under the condition that the team attends two main events and 70% of weekly calls. Please note that the selected teams are required to cover their own expenses to attend the Bootcamp and #Outliers NEXT (final demo day). Common expenses include but does not limit to transportation, accomodation and meals.

  • 9. Do I need to be there the entire time? +

    Not really! Besides mandatory physical events, you may work from your own base.

  • 10. Can you tell me more about #Outliers NEXT? +

    Absolutely! #Outliers NEXT is the final demo day of the accelerator program. Unlike traditional demo days, #Outliers NEXT injects a“competition” element into the event. Each team will pitch their idea(s), demonstrate their product(s) to the worldwide audience, and be challenged by our panel of judges. The winner will receive a guaranteed prize from #Outliers. In a nutshell, #Outliers NEXT is a finale, a product debut and an opportunity to gain an exposure spurt to empower your business growth.